What do we wear?

Relax and Be Yourself

I know that is easy for us to say, we are behind the camera!  And this isn't something you do everyday! Your portrait session is guaranteed to be fun.  Dennis has the ability to help you to relax, and be at ease in front of the camera.  At the same time he knows how to capture those fleeting moments that reveal your true personality.  The result is a portrait with natural expression and tremendous emotional appeal. 


Some Recommendations for the "Little Ones"

Our goal is to have a successful session with the children.  Yes, that is possible. I am going to  share some tips on how we can work together:

- When you are home don't have them practice their smile

- Don't bribe them before you get here. 

- Let them know they are going to have fun, and that you are excited for their portrait session with Mr. Dennis!

Leave everything else up to Dennis.  After all, this is why you have commissioned Craft Photography for professional portraits of your family. 


Baby Portraits-one of our favorite subjects!

Newborns are so soft and delicate, remember this when selecting the clothing for the session.  We suggest simple clothing that isn't too bulky around their face.  Naked baby's with soft swaddling blankets work very well for beautiful newborn portraits.  Bare feet, chubby legs and arms are what a baby is all about. 

Please note- That Craft Photography will never put your newborn in a dangerous position or use props that are not stable for their safety.  Many of the images that you may have seen on Pinterest have been heavily photoshopped to get that specific style.  Your baby's safety is the most important thing to us.  Every session has a photographer and an assistant to work closely with the baby. 

Please bring an extra outfit for those "accidents".  We allow extra time for the baby to nurse and get into that beautiful drowsy state that is perfect for capturing your newborn portraits.