Clothing Suggestions

Clothing Suggestions


One of the keys to a custom family portrait is coordinating the clothing.  The objective of your portrait is a beautiful image that shows the relationship and personalities of each person in the portrait.  Because you want your portrait to stand the test of time, your clothing choices should be simple and classic. 

The subtlety of your clothing is very important.  Complementary colors make a large group blend together and create a feeling of family unity.  One person should not stand out more than the rest of the family.  The faces in the portrait are the most important, and you don't want the clothing to dominate the portrait.  So when selecting clothing, work for simplicity, balance and color coordination. 

In general, three-quarter or long sleeves work best for both ladies and gentleman.  Clothing should fit comfortably.  You may be asked to sit on the lawn or on the edge of a chairin order to create an attractive angle.  You want to be able to move comfortably. 


Most women are comfortable with their daily makeup routine.  You don't usually want to look "made-up", but a little extra attention to the eyes, cheeks, and lips will bring out your best features.  Bring your makeup along in case you need a little touch up.  Men should be sure to shave just prior to the portrait session, as there is no way to hide a 5 o'clock shadow!

Hair Styles

Hair should be styled and groomed in a manor that is completely natural to you.  Now is not the time to experiment with a new color or style.  Keep in mind you want your portrait to represent you for years to come.  Both men and boys should avoid the just cut look by having the hair trimmed about one week before the session. 


Glasses are not usually a problem unless they are the type that will darken in the sunlight.  It is best if you have those to obtain an empty set of frames for the portraits.