Tweens and Teens

We all remember those days as a young tween, the days we may have felt insignificant.  The days where the world seemed to spin around and no one noticed if we were there or not.  Or at least that is how we felt through all of our teen emotions and struggles.  

As parents, we have lived through it to the other side.  And now we are parenting those same teens that felt just like we did.  What if there was something you could do to show them how amazing they are?  If they could see themselves through your eyes, and those that love them.

Tweens and Teens Photography Project does just that.

Photographs that capture their true personality, their unique spirit, talents, hobbies, and interests at this "fragile" age can do that.  Along with the images we collect thoughts and quotes from family, friends, coaches, teachers and mentors.  At the end we surprise them with a fun presentation of their images and special quotes highlighting their uniqueness and what others see as special in them!


If this is something you think your daughter would like to do, please contact Craft Photography for more information.  

Honor your child with a special Tweens and Teens Photo Project!